Veterinary Financial Program

How much money are you losing everyday by not offering iCare to your Veterinary patients?

To find out, the first thing you will need to do is clear the money barrier between you and your patient. iCare Financial recognizes the fact that no matter how much people may want to proceed with treatment for their furry friends, if they think they cannot afford it, they will walk out the door.

Unlike humans, only a very small percentage of pets in the United States are covered by insurance. It’s becoming more and more of an issue. Many pet owners put off saving or getting pet insurance, thinking they can start later or gambling on the chance that their pet might never have a major problem. Unfortunately, that gamble sometimes doesn't pay off.

With veterinary costs on the rise, and more sophisticated treatment options more readily available for pets, it's likely that your average pet owner will one day face the prospect of a large veterinary bill.

This is causing case acceptance to become a real challenge.

Imagine all the people that walk through your practice doors every week, unable to get the treatment they need for the animals they love, or only partially following through on a recommended treatment plan. Simply because they cannot afford to pay the upfront costs, or cannot get approved by a medical credit card company.

Or, have you had clients resort to financial euthanasia? Many dogs and cats are put down each year because their owners can't pay for the treatment to save them. Most of these patients can afford a reasonable down payment, and can afford a monthly payment plan that is within their budget.

With iCare your clients would follow through on the recommended full treatment for their pet. How many of your clients don’t even apply for a medical credit card because they know they won’t get approved, or they simply don’t want another credit card? What you will discover is there are many.

After a few months of running iCare, your practice will experience an interesting eye opening event. You will have a monthly receivable of new revenue coming in that otherwise would not be there. Every day practices tell us that it’s exciting to be able to consult with a patient with the confidence of being able to offer a program that nearly gives them a 100% case acceptance.

Fast Facts about iCare Financial:

  • iCare is easy for your staff to use
  • Instant Patient Approval
  • No Credit Check!
  • No cost to run patients through iCare (You run a $3,000 Case you receive $3,000 back)
  • Patients receives 0% interest
  • You control the terms, allowing you to tailor fit the plan to your patients needs
  • iCare is the only company in the veterinary industry that offers this unique program

Many of your patients will fall into the category of needing or wanting monthly payments to afford treatment for their pets. Other third-party credit companies have far lower acceptance rates but iCare is designed to assist virtually any patient who walks into your practice or compliment any other credit program.

By offering iCare you have a streamlined platform at your finger tips that you can access from your computer desktop and that is submitted securely through the internet in a matter of seconds.

Getting iCare set up in your practice is easy. By calling today your practice could be up and running offering iCare to your patients in as little as 5 business days!

Call 1-800-862-7908. Or click This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to email us.