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Kanning Dental Puts Patient's Comfort First, with the Assistance of iCare Financial

iCare Financial Dental Newsletter - March 2017

Located in Lawson, Missouri, Kanning Dental offers a variety of treatments including cosmetic dentistry, crowns and bridges, dental implants, orthodontics and periodontal therapy. The practice was founded by Dr. Larry Kanning who has been practicing dentistry for over 38 years. Today his son Dr. Nelson Kanning continues the legacy set up by his father, offering superior services and treatments to Missouri area patients.

Dr. Kanning has found that having iCare Financial as a payment option has helped a wider population of patients to afford dentistry. "It has been very wonderful for us," said Jamie.

Tackling Patient Financial Concerns

When patients are looking to pay for smile makeovers, gum disease treatments, or even just routine examinations, payments can sometimes be an issue. Many people do not have dental insurance, and even those who do find that insurance doesn't cover everything.

One of Jamie's goals is to make every patient as comfortable and knowledgeable about their oral health and their appointments as possible. But since she handles treatment planning and financial arrangements, the reality is that payments can sometimes feel stressful for patients.

Kanning Dental has found that patients are often very reluctant to try plans because they worry that they won't be able to qualify. Jamie explains that, a lot of times, new patients will admit they need help, but they worry that no one will help them.

"We live in a small farming community," she points out. "We have always given patients different Financing options, but not everyone qualifies. What is nice about iCare is that now I can say, 'I have a great plan that will get you financed.' It gives patients who normally wouldn't have the opportunity to get Financing a chance to get their treatments done."

She added, "When I present the plan, I see relief. They think, 'Wow, there is something that I can do and I don't need to come up with 100%. I can finally get healthy.'"

Dr. Kanning said, "Now even those who have terrible credit can say yes to get healthy. We always say, 'We do our best to meet the patient where they are at.' Sometimes, though, we are springing a large treatment plan on them to get healthy. They have just not budgeted for what they need. iCare helps those who need to get there, to get there."

Integrating iCare Into the Practice

Kanning Dental distributes iCare Financial pamphlets in their waiting room so that patients can read about all the advantages of going this route. They have found that the iCare administrative team is very helpful when she has many issues or questions. "Help is just a phone call or email away," said Jamie.

A Payment Option that Works for a Wide Variety of Patient Needs

She has found that a variety of people, even those with insurance, need iCare Financial to help them cover big treatment plans. To date, they have seen people use it for procedures big and small.

"People don't feel like the bill is so outrageous and that the treatment they need can never happen," Jamie added. "With the help of iCare Financial, even if treatment is delayed a little bit, people see that the end is in sight."

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